Your visa to Eritrea

Tourist and business visa information for Eritrea

We will be happy to arrange a visa for your trip to Eritrea.

To enter Eritrea in most cases a visa is required, which must be taken care of well in advance of the trip.

After presenting the necessary documents and obtaining a visa, citizens of all countries with a valid passport (which will be valid for at least 6 months after the check-out date and have a sufficient number of blank pages).

Note! A visa is valid for 90 days from the date of its issuance, so apply for a visa no earlier than 90 days before the end date of the planned trip.

The validity of the visa starts from the date of issue, and not from the date of travel, even if the visa is valid for 3 months, this does not mean that you can stay in Eritrea for 3 months.

The visa application period is at least 30 consular working days. Incorrect and incomplete information can lead to a refusal to issue a visa. All consequences arising from this shall be borne by the applicant himself.

Obtaining a visa for Austrian citizens is provided upon arrival in Eritrea (at the airport or at the border crossing) at a price of 50.00 €. However, be prepared for what you have to expect. As a rule, they recommend obtaining a visa at the embassy.

If you have any questions, you can ask them by calling for a free phone number: +43 676 650 70 77

Visa to Eritrea

We will take care of your visa to Eritrea and send the passport with the issued visa to you by mail.

Tourist visa

Tourist visa issued for a short stay in Eritrea for the purpose of tourism. The maximum stay is up to 30 days.

Tourist visa

Business visa

For persons who intend to enter Eritrea for business negotiations, etc.

Business visa

Making a visa by mail

We are pleased to offer you the service of obtaining a visa to Eritrea by mail. Prepare a package of necessary documents, fill out the application form, put it in an envelope and send it to us.

Visa by mail

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