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Info regarding Indian tourist and business visas

Your visa is valid from the day of issuance regardless of your intended travel dates. Please take note of this when filling out the field "Duration of Visa in Months". Single-entry tourist visas are typically issued with a validity period of 6 months. The maximum length of stay is 90 days within an 180 day period.

Be aware that visas for journalists, teachers of religion and police or military officials generally take longer to process. Note that even journalists traveling as tourists will be issued journalist visas. Traveling with children (up to the age of 16): visa applications for children must be signed by at least one parent or legal guardian.

For travel with a car or other motor vehicle, you will need to provide a comprehensive list of your route of travel, your driver’s license and your carnet de passage (right of passage). The visa application can only be completed online. No handwritten corrections to the application are permitted.

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