Your visa to Iran

Information on the Iranian tourist and business visa

We will be pleased to arrange a visa for your trip to Iran.

For transit through or entry into the Islamic Republic of Iran, in most cases a visa is required of which you should take care of in advance of the trip.

After submitting the necessary documents and obtaining a visa, citizens of all countries who hold a valid foreign passport (which will be valid for at least 6 months and has a sufficient number of blank pages) and permit to stay in Austria for a period of at least 6 months will be able to visit Iran.

According to the current Iranian legislation on the rules of entry into the country, an application for a visa shall be filed in the country of the applicant’s citizenship or in the country of its permanent residence.

Visa to Iran

We do everything for you. Even the return shipping of your finished passport by mail.

Tourist visa

For private travelers intending to visit archaeological sites, or persons traveling to the Islamic Republic of Iran to visit sacred places in religious cities. Please note: a visa application can only be submitted if the reference number of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is present. Alternatively, we can obtain this reference number on your behalf from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bussiness visa

For persons who intend to enter the Islamic Republic of Iran for business negotiations, etc.

For a trip to the free economic zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Kish, Qeshm, Chabahar, etc.), foreign citizens do not need a visa: they can easily get a 14-days entry permit. If they wish to visit other regions of the country, they can apply to a representative office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in the corresponding free economic zone and obtain the required visa in accordance with the established procedure.

If you have any questions, you can ask them by calling to the toll-free number: +43 676 650 70 77 (24 hours a day).

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