Your Visa to Mongolia

Information on the Mongolian tourist and business visa

We will be pleased to arrange a visa for your trip to Mongolia.

For transit through or entry into the Mongolian People’s Republic, in most cases a visa is required of which you should take care of in advance of the trip.

After submitting the necessary documents and obtaining a visa, citizens of all countries who hold a valid foreign passport (which will be valid for at least 6 months and has a sufficient number of blank pages) and permit to stay in Austria for a period of at least 6 months will be able to visit Mongolia.

According to the current Mongolian legislation on the rules of entry into the country, an application for a visa shall be filed in the country of the applicant’s citizenship or in the country of its permanent residence.

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Visa to Mongolia

We will take care about Your visa to Mongolia and will send back Your passport by mail.

Tourist visa

Tourist visa is issued for short-stay in Mongolia for tourism purposes. Maximum stay period - up to 30 days.

Tourist visa

Transit visa

Transit visa is issued for transfer through the territory of Mongolia from one country to another (for example, from Russia to Chine via Trans-Siberian Railway). Maximum stay period - up to 5 days.

Transit visa

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