Consular authentication is a procedure that confirms the legal validity of a document in the country where it was issued. This means that a document received in one country must be legally recognized in another country. Consular authentication is usually required for official documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, business contracts and other documents intended for use abroad.

Consular authentication can only be performed by consular services located outside the territory of the country where the document was issued. In order to carry out the authentication process, the document must pass a series of checks, including confirmation of the authenticity of the document, signature, seals and other details that guarantee its legal validity.

The consular authentication process can be quite complicated and takes a lot of time. In this regard, it is possible to use the services of intermediary agencies that deal with the legalization of documents. Such agencies can facilitate the legalization process, speed up its implementation and help reduce the cost of this procedure.

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We ensure that your certification process runs smoothly and quickly. Our team of experts has extensive experience in the field of consular authentication and knowledge of the requirements of different countries. We guarantee high quality of services and strictly adhere to the rules and procedures of each country where legalization is carried out.

In addition, we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the security and authenticity of your documents. This allows you to be confident in the reliability and accuracy of the legalization process.

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A certified translator converts your documents to the official language of the country where the document will be used. Some countries (e.g. Thailand) accept documents translated into English.

Certification by the authorized office


The translated documents are transferred to an authorized institution where the legitimacy of the document is confirmed.

Certification by MFA


Documents are submitted to a Consular department of MFA where the legitimacy of stamp and signature received on the previous step is confirmed with stamp and signature of an MFA official.

Certification by an Embassy


The Embassy of a country where the document will be used checks the validity of the MFA official's signature and stamp. If everything is fine, one more stamp of approval appears on the document.

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