Questions about your Belarusian Visa

Austrian citizens can come to Belarus without a visa for 30 days (including the days of arrival and departure). The conditions are as follows: it is imperative to fly and fly through Minsk National Airport.

You must have a valid passport and return ticket. Money at the rate of 2 basic values per day, i.e. about € 22 and a medical insurance policy of at least € 10,000 valid in Belarus.

To avoid the refusal to issue a visa for entry into Belarus, it is necessary to carefully consider the preparation of the documents necessary for its execution. If you have any doubts, contact the staff of diplomatic institutions or the representatives of the host organization for clarification. They will give comprehensive answers "first-hand" and help prepare documents.

Insurance is obligatory for all foreigners coming to Belarus. It can be an insurance from "Belgosstrakh" or "Eximgarant" which you can buy on the border (at the airport or border control look for a window that says "Obligatory medical insurance"). You can pay for the insurance in Belarusian or Russian rubles, dollars or euros.

Prepare your passport and insurance (or buy it – insurance, not passport, of course) for checking in. Important: double check that there is no random money in your documents as it can be considered as bribery. At the border you are not allowed to take pictures or videos and talk on the phone – leave it for later.

Minsk Airport is 40 km away from the city. You can get to the centre by bus, train or taxi.

The national currency in Belarus is the Belarusian ruble BYN. It is not freely convertible, so you can’t buy it in advance.

There are all kinds of public transport in belarusian cities: buses, trolleybuses, trams, taxis and minivan "taxis" (so called marshrutka). In Minsk there are also two metro lines. You can buy public transport tickets at "Minsktrans" («Мінсктранс») or "Belsayuzdruk" («Белсаюздрук») kiosks at most bus stops or directly from the driver.

All citizens must, within 5 working days (Sunday and official holidays not count), make a temporary registration in the Department of Citizenship and Migration at the place of actual residence.

In Minsk you can easily find wi-fi connection in most cafes, shopping malls and hotels, so just ask the staff for the password. Wi-fi in the streets is not for free. Buy a plastic card "Beltelecom" with a username and password (again "Belsayuzdruk" / «Белсаюздрук» kiosk, you might find it quite useful) or pay through the web-portal self-service (it opens automatically when you connect to the network Beltelecom). Three hours of the Internet will cost around € 3.

112 – Emergency number
102 – Police
103 – Ambulance

In case of health emergency do not forget to show your passport and insurance card. Emergency phone numbers of belarusian insurance companies.
Minsk is mostly a safe city and you don’t need to worry even in the suburbs in the evening.

In addition to the usual options with hotels and Airbnb, in Belarus is very popular option to rent a room for several days - it is better to look for it on local sites, for example,

There are three types of Belarusian visas: transit (2 days), short-term (90 days) and long term (valid within a year, allows 90 days of staying in the country). Tourists usually need a short-term visa which can be single, double or multiple entries. But if you plan a short visit and follow some simple rules, you can arrive without one.

If you already have a valid visa for Belarus, then you must wait until it expires, and only then request a new one. A valid visa can not be canceled.

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