Questions and answers for your Visa to Eritrea

Eritrea - State Eritrea - State in northeast africa on the coast Of the Red Sea. Borders on Sudan in the West, Ethiopia in the south and Djibouti in the east. Most of the territory the country lies on the Eritrean plateau of Ethiopia highlands. In the southeast is the Afar Depression.

Large cities - Asmara, Massawa, Caran and Assabe

You can get by EgyptAir flights through Cairo, or in transit through Europe. The borders with Ethiopia and Sudan are closed, the border with Djibouti is open, but there is no public transport between the two states. Tourists who want to get from Djibouti to Eritrea must arrange their own transport from the border point to Assabe

Export of national currency is limited. This rule does not apply to Ethiopian-Eritrean border through which you can transport any amount of currency. Import of foreign currency is not limited, imported currency must be declared.

Country code: +291

Emergency telephone number: (8-10-2911) 12-7172, + 291-7-21-88-26

City passenger transport (buses) works without a schedule until full passenger compartment. Buses run in any direction. Taxis can be stopped anywhere along the main city streets. Taxis do not use counters, therefore, pre-negotiate a price.

Terms of car rental: valid driver’s license and passport. Right-hand traffic. With fueling problems no, but gasoline is expensive.

There is a risk of gastrointestinal diseases, helminthiasis, malaria, dengue fever, tuberculosis, AIDS, skin diseases, meningitis, hepatitis A. It is recommended to be vaccinated to visit Eritrea from yellow fever.

Most hotels are located in large cities Eritrea - Asmara, Massawa, Karen, Asabe. Almost all Hotels outside these cities have modest categories.

Currency exchange is preferable to make in banks or large hotels in the capital, exchange illegal on the black market and exchange rates there significantly underestimated. Credit use cards and tourist checks are only possible at public institutions of the capital.

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