Fragen zu Ihrem Russland-Visum

Yes you can, but you need a power of attorney in order to collect sighted passport.

Yes, you can. All further information on the post-application can be found on our website under About Visa.

Yes you can, but you need a power of attorney in order to collect sighted passport.

No. You can pick up your passport in the Russian Visa Center with your pick sparkle to our opening times.

No. According to Russian set regulations two visas must pass the same time not be issued.

For information on visa categories on our website under "About Visa" or on the side of the Russian Embassy in Austria.

  • Costs of emergency, urgently needed medical treatment
  • Ambulance
  • Cost of housing a person accompanying the insured
  • Costs of the transfer in the event of death

In the visa application for entry to the Russian Federation to present a insurance policy from an insurance company is required, with a reinsurance contract Russian insurance partners completed.

In the insurance policy, the contract number and the name of the insured must be specified. A travel insurance must be valid for the whole of Russia and to cover the entire length of stay.

When applying for a multiple visa, it is sufficient if the travel insurance covers only the residence time of the first trip.

A negative HIV test is (once, twice or several times) when applying for a work or study visa submitted with one of the Federal Migration Service of Russia (FMS) issued the invitation, since the validity period may be extended by such visas on the ground in Russia.

In the original, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months after visa expiry
  • Visa application, filled out online, printed out and hand signed by the applicant. The signature in the visa application must match the signature in the passport be identical
  • Passport photo
  • The invitation from the Federal Migration Service of Russia (FMS) when applying for a private visa, a multiple work, study and Humanitärvisums must be submitted in the original
  • Insurance policy as proof of travel insurance Note (Weexpressly point out that you can always ask to submit the originals of all documents the Consular previously submitted copy)

Non-EU Staatsanaghörige can apply for a visa for the Russian Federation only a tourist trip purpose in producing an invitation from the Federal Migration Service of Russia (FMS Russia) or a decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (if the international treaty of the Russian Federation is otherwise required).

In the invitation if the invited person is specified as the host country Austria, evidence for legal residence in Austria must be submitted (residence permit for employment, tenancy certificate or a utility bill) in addition.

Nationals of countries with sg migration risk can apply for a visa only personally important prerequisite when applying for the presentation of a residence permit in Austria and the tickets (airline tickets) for the return journey.

From the visa requirement for Russian Federation nationals of the countries are exempt, the intergovernmental agreements concluded on visa exemption or the visa facilitation.

In general, the visa can only be canceled on short-stay (not more than 90 days per period of 180 days a year). For longer stays in Russia a visa must be applied.

The length of stay in Russia with a tourist visa for one- or two-time entry shall not exceed one month (30 days).

The length of stay in Russia with a tourist visa for multiple entries shall not exceed 6 months (the application is only available to Austrian citizens).

When transferring within 24 hours without leaving the transit area or the terminal, you do not need a transit visa. HOWEVER, you must in this case the airport, For Example for sightseeing, do not leave.

A transit visa is required When a passenger remains more than 24 hours in the transit area or must leave the transit area (For Example, when changing the terminal and transfer of international to a domestic flight).

Before purchasing air tickets, the Russian Visa Center to inquire specifically in your case with your airline about the need for a transit visa recommends.

Please note: In the case of a forced transit can be a transit visa at the airport (switch "Consular Service") apply.

One should distinguish between the different terms such as a car transit and car travel.

A transit is a necessary transit through the territory of Russia via shortest route if there is eg no other way to reach the destination country or the journey will be much more time consuming.

The time required for a transit trip is 500 km / day are calculated via shortest route (to check you can use google.maps).

If your road trip through the territory of Russia should not be done via the shortest route, it is considered as an ordinary tourist hubs or trailering. In this case, you need several hotel vouchers for your stopovers or a travel confirmation from an approved in Russia and registered tour operator for your visa. Your tour operator will offer you an optimal route and accommodation (hotels along your itinerary). Be the purpose specified in this case, "Auto tourism".

For visa creation neither auto insurance nor other vehicle documents are required. However, you need show above documents at border crossings.

You can in the Russian Visa Center visa applications for review in summary proceedings (exhibition on the day of application) or in the Express method (up to 3 business days) einreichen.Die service charge is independent of the urgency of the processing. You get detailed information on this in your local visa center.

The registration (registration) by no later than the seventh day after arriving in the Russian Federation carried out and represents an informing (notifying) the territorial migration authority FMS about your place of stayt on location in Russia. The registration and deregistration is then handled by the host side.

Upon arrival at the location of the passport and the completed upon entry migration card must be presented at the host side. The seizure of the passport and migration card is not permitted.

As Gastegeberseite Russian and foreign citizens can act legal entities and their representatives at your residence or place of work in Russia legally resident in the Russian Federation, or stateless (with residence permit), as well.

In the hotel accommodation, the Migration Board FMS local needs by the hotel management, as Gastegeberseite be informed within 24 hours of their arrival. Furthermore, the hotel management takes care of the entire process of registration and is responsible for compliance with applicable residency requirements.

Upon your departure from Russia, the host side is obliged to inform the competent immigration authorities FMS within 24 hours locally about by the lower leaf to be separated in the registration form at FMS forwarded to unsubscribe (passed) is.

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