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We also offer a service for requesting state-recognised documents from authorized state bodies in such countries as Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, including affixing an apostille. This method is more convenient and relatively fast, since the original document does not need to be sent to its country of origin.

Please note that our prices are final and include all government taxes and fees. In addition, in addition to the indicated prices, it will be necessary to additionally pay the logistics costs for sending documents from the country of origin.

Certificate of fulfillment by the taxpayer of the obligation to pay taxes

A certificate on the fulfillment by the taxpayer of the obligation to pay taxes, fees, penalties, fines, interest (KND code 1120101) is an official document confirming the absence of debt to the tax authorities of the Russian Federation. It can be requested by individuals, for example, when applying for a residence permit, changing citizenship, processing large transactions (purchase or sale of residential real estate, a car), applying for a mortgage or a large loan.

The certificate contains information that the taxpayer has fulfilled its obligations to pay taxes, fees, penalties, fines, interest to the tax authorities. If there is a debt, an addendum may be attached to the main certificate, which indicates the codes of inspections, according to which the taxpayer has a debt.

However, it is worth noting that a certificate of debt is not suitable for obtaining a national type D visa or residence permit. Even if the debt is a few kopecks, it must be repaid before receiving this type of document.


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