Legalization of marijuana.

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The legalization of marijuana - what are the pros and contras?

In politics, will be discussed a lot about the support for the legalization of marijuana. There are many reasons to legalize marijuana, as well as reasons why marijuana shouldn't be legal. Which decision is the best now? Should you really be able to buy the drug in the store or not? This question should be answered at this point with the most important arguments.

Legal sale - yes or no? The main pros and contras of legalization of marijuana.

With the legalization of marijuana, the well-known drug loses its role as a 'banned substance'. Those who use marijuana don’t need to fear punishment if the drug is available in stores. This model has been widespread in the Netherlands for years.

Control through legalization...

Upon legalization, could be determined an amountant that is available to any consumer. In this way, the consumption of marijuana is controlled without prohibition. This advantage is the most important: nobody would have to buy the drug secretly if marijuana is legal.

Drug traffickers would have fewer opportunities for illegal business if the state legalized the sale of marijuana. Young people can be better protected from the dangers of 'secret trying' of drugs. This open handling of marijuana would be in the interest of everyone who involved.

Still, marijuana is a drug - just like cigarettes or alcohol. Legalization could encourage people to try drugs. They can become addicted and endanger their health... this is how society legalizes the consumption of harmful substances. Therefore, the drugs should not be allowed at all - no cigarettes, no alcohol and of course no marijuana. But is that really a solution?

Medically, marijuana is even used as a natural pain reliever. Sick people can buy marijuana with a prescription and use it to treat their pain. Unlike pills, marijuana is herbal. And medicines made from plants are healthier, but still work.

The use of marijuana as a substitute for painkillers is difficult to verify. If legalized, any patient could obtain marijuana as a medicine, even if they didn't need it. Doctors and pharmacists have difficulty controlling which patient is buying marijuana for themselves or for others. This situation clearly speaks against a general legalization of marijuana.

To answer the question about legalizing marijuana, it should be at first asked another question: what does legal actually mean? At what point is a drug legal, or in other words: can a drug be legal?

There are arguments for and against legalization. Legally saleable marijuana must be beneficial not only to the individual consumer, but to society as a whole. In order to make this decision, our situation should be compared to the situation in other countries where marijuana is legal. The results are answers to the important question of whether legalization makes sense in our country.

The use of marijuana must be regulated by law. This basis applies to everyone. If it comes to legalization, it will be required the certification in international legal transactions. Every applicant can refer to this meaningful document.


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