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We offer support and advice for all questions regarding visa and entry requirements.

You simply hand over the required documents to us. We’ll check them and file them with the proper authorities. You get your passport back with the necessary visa in a timely manner before your trip.

Full visa service by mail

You send all required documents to us by mail. We take are of details and send your passport and completed visa back to you.

Choosing the right visa

We are here to help you select the correct visa type for your visit based on your destination.

Preparing the documents

VHS is here to help you get all necessary documents in order. We’ll advise you and make sure your documents get to the proper authorities.

Organization & provision of invitations

We will obtain formal invitations for entry and any other official documents you might need.

Submit your documents to the appropriate location

We make sure all your application documents are delivered to the appropriate authorities in an orderly and timely manner.

Filling out your visa application

If you need assistance selecting the correct visa type or filling in the application, our team members are glad to help you out.

Visa advice by email

We’re happy to help you to choose the appropriate visa type for your trip or select it for you if you prefer.

Issuing travel insurance

In some cases, travel insurance is required in order to obtain a visa. We’re ready and willing to provide you with options.

Express delivery of your passport

Sie bekommen Ihren Pass inkl. dem fertigen Visum von uns bequem per UPS Express Service zurückgeschickt.

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