Business Visa Belarus

If you are traveling for business purposes to Belarus

Important to know

  • The visa application can be handwritten and PC, printed and personally signed
  • Valid passportthat has at least two free, opposing sides and must be valid for at least 6 months after visa expiry
  • A passport photo in color in format 3, 5 x 4.5 cm, front shot on a light background, with no blackout goggles and headgear
  • Proof of visa type C: original or copy of the invitation from a Belarusian legal person, the signature and stamp. For a business visa for EU citizens up to 30 days no invitation is required. In the visa application but are name, address and telephone number of the host company, and state the address of the place of stay in Belarus
  • Proof of visa type D: Invitation originally by a Belarusian legal person, on the letterhead of the company, signed and stamped. Furthermore, the cooperation agreement in the original with the Belarusian Host Organization, or a document showing that the applicant himself a shareholder or a staff member the inviting company
  • For participation in sports events of the certified event schedule can be submitted to
  • The insurance policy of travel insurance that meets all the requirements, such as: validity period, insurance, etc. We recommend this recognized travel insurance.

Please note: Persons living in Austria foreign nationals must the application (minimum residual validity of 180 days.) A copy of the registration certificate (EU citizens) or the residence permit to attach.

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Important to know

The business visa, we travel to the Republic of Belarus for business purposes, granted but also underfor the participation in sports or cultural events.

It distinguishes between two types of visas: Short visa type C (maximum validity up to 90 days / 3 months) and permanent visa type D (valid up to one year and stay up to 90 days a year).

For business visas, valid for up to 30 days for citizens of the EU, no invitation is required, but the exact indication in the visa application to the host companies and to stay in Belarus is required.


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