Transit Visa Belarus

Transit visas for transit through Belarus

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  • The visa application can be handwritten and PC, printed and personally signed
  • Valid passport that has at least two free, opposing sides and at least 6 months after visa expiry must be valid for
  • A passport photo in color in the format 3.5 x 4.5 cm, front shot on a light background, with no blackout goggles and headgear
  • Insurance policy of travel insurance that meets all the requirements, such as: validity period, insurance, etc. We recommend this recognized travel insurance.

Please note: Persons living in Austria foreign nationals must the application (minimum residual validity of 180 days.) A copy of the registration certificate (EU citizens) or the residence permit to attach.

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Important to know

A transit visa is for transit travel through the Republic of Belarus in a issued to another destination.

A transit visa can be issued depending on the travel plan for the single, double or multiple entry. It should be noted that the length of stay for each stop in Belarus is limited to a maximum of 48 hours. In private trips with longer stays private or tourist visa must be applied.

A transit visa is due to the submission of the entry visa for the adjacent to the Republic of Belarus country, the visa for the destination country or valid travel tickets or bus tickets (if no visa is required for the destination country) issued.


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