Visa for China by mail

Send the complete documentation easy to us

Simple, fast & convenient in three steps

Obtaining a visa for China will not be difficult with our assistance. We also offer a special service that allows you to send everything conveniently by mail. How does it work? There are only three steps

Collect the necessary documents

Please see the list of required documents.

Transfer the fee corresponding to your visa category to our R/S:

Visa Handling Service GmbH
AT75 1200 0515 8006 2327

Send documents to:

Visa Handling Services GmbH
Reisnerstraße 18-20, 1030 Vienna, Austria

Step 1: Collection of relevant documents

We'll need the following documents from you:
  • The visa application form should be completed in English. The form must be completed electronically and signed by the applicant in person.
  • Passport with at least 2 blank pages for visas, valid for 6 months from the date of expiration of the visa.
  • 3.5 x 4.5 color passport photo on a light background, with a clear image of the full face, bareheaded, without tinted glasses.
  • Booking confirmation for travelling on your own:
    • Confirmation of hotel booking (for the entire period of travel), including information about guests, hotel name, hotel address and date of arrival and departure.
    • Confirmation of return flight specifying passenger name, flight numbers, departure and arrival airports, departure and arrival time.
  • Booking confirmation when booking through tour operators:
    • Hotel booking, hotel name, address, arrival and departure dates.
    • For cruises, an additional route description is required.
  • Copy of passport (copy of page with personal data).
  • Copies of previous visas for China.
  • Signed form on the right to repudiate.
  • Consent to process personal data.

Note: documents for business visas to China by mail please contact us.

Dear Ladies and Gentelmen,

Attention! We inform you that starting from December 9th, 2019 the Chinese Visa Office introduces obligatory requirement for fingerprinting in regard to visa application to China. To arrange your fingerprinting for your visa, please, contact our call-center or send us an email with a desirable date.

Please note: If you are not an EU citizen, permission to continuous residence in the Republic of Austria must be submitted for more than 90 days.

Step 2: Fixed postal processing fee

Step 3: Send the documents at our address

Our quality standards

Quality standards is at the center of attention of our work. We optimize the process and means of communication. Privacy and confidentiality of your personal information is our top priority.

This is why we strive to constantly develop, in order to provide optimal service and your safety.

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Professional consultation and individualized service

Visa handling services is your reliable partner in obtaining tourist, business, private and transit visas, among others. We have many years of experience and thousands of clients!

We offer personalized service, that is catered to your needs. Our full range of services and optimized process will save you time and money!

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