India Business Visa

Business Visa will be issued if you want to travel for business purposes to Russia.

Documents required

For issuing a business visa the following documents must be provided:
  • The original passport has at least 6 months from the date the application process to be valid and at least three blank pages have
  • Two identical passport photos not older than 6 months (5cm 5 x, light background, photo)Indisches Passfoto Skizze
  • Visa application completed and electronically signed personally (signing 2x, respectively on both sides in the space provided;! the journey took place shall correspond in invitations and posting write)
  • Accompanying letter of the sending company in English with the purpose and duration of the trip, have travelers insurance verification confirmation to and name and address of the business partner in India. Also accurate industry description of both the Indian as well as the Austrian business partner must be present.
    The letter must be sent to: Indian Embassy, Opernring 1, 1010 Vienna.
  • The inviation of the Indian business partner in English must have travelers and contain the purpose of the trip. Note: The mentioned in the invitation travel period must match that of the visa application!
  • Copies of ancient Indian Business Visa including customs stamp

Please note: If you are not Austrian citizen, permission to continuous residence in the Republic of Austria must be submitted for more than 90 days.


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