Tourist Visa India

The regular tourist visa for stays short for tourism purposes.

Documents required

For issuing a business visa documents to be submitted:
  • Visa application completed electronically and signed personally (signing on both sides in the space provided)
  • of the passport must be valid from the date the application process at least 6 months and at least three blank pages have
  • a passport photo, dis not older than 6 months. It must be 5 cm × 5 cm in size, be on a light background, on photo paper or in JPG/PDF format with a minimum size: 350 x 250 pixels and at least 10 KB and max.. 300 KB available. According to the Consulate of the applicant's head on the passport photo of between 2.5 cm to 3.5 cm must be largeIndisches Passfoto Skizze
  • Copy of the flight or travel confirmation
  • Current certificate of registration (for non-Austrian citizen)

Please note that visas for India can only be applied for a month prior of your journey.

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