Business visa to Iran

Business Visa will be issued if you want to travel for business purposes to Iran.

To obtain a business visa, you need to present the following documents

  • Passport in the original (the period of validity shall be at least six months after the date of departure, and at least one free page in the passport shall be available).
  • A photo for the passport, size 3x4 cm, on which the person is depicted in front, on a light background, without a hat and glasses.
  • A completed and signed visa application form.
  • Medical insurance for the period of travel.
  • For non-citizens of Austria: a certificate of registration in the Central Register of Registrations (currently) or a residence permit (the remaining validity is not less than 180 days).
  • Registration number assigned by the Iranian Government Agency.
  • A letter from the Austrian company sent to the consular department containing the following information: the purpose of the trip, the duration of the trip, the business profile of the enterprise, the job position of the applicant, the names and addresses of the companies planned for visiting in the country of destination and the desired number of entries. The letter shall contain confirmation of all expenses incurred in connection with the trip.

Please note: a visa application can only be submitted if the reference number of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is present.

A multi-entry visa is issued if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its consent, and also if within a year the applicant obtained and used several single-entry visas to Iran.

Important to know

A business visa is required for businessmen, experts and technical specialists, as well as persons intending to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran for business negotiations, seminars, conferences, meetings, etc.

A business visa is issued upon presentation of an invitation from a business partner in Iran (to be formalized through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Please note! An application for a visa can be submitted only if there is already a registration number assigned by the Iranian Government Agency.

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