Russian Tourist Visa

The standard tourist visa for short stays for tourism purposes

Documents required

  • To receive a confirmation of hosting a foreign tourist, registered in the Unified Federal register of tour operators Important: Hotel bookings are not considered to be a letter of invitation (voucher). Our all inclusive service already includes this.
  • Valid passport, having at least two blank pages, valid for at least 6 months after visa expiration.
  • The visa application. All questions on the visa questionnaire must be fully answered and all fields of the visa application must be filled out completely. Important! Enter the "Destination" to the appropriate visa center. The visa form must be signed by hand. We help you fill out the visa application.
  • A passport photo in the format 3,5 x 4,5 cm. A straight-on view of the face, on a light background, without dark glasses or anything obstructing the face. Headgear is allowed only for people whose religion or national tradition compel it, provided that the passport photo was also taken similarly.Russisches Passfoto Skizze
  • Insurance - policy of travel insurance that meets all the requirements, such as: validity period, etc. We recommend this recognized travel insurance.

Please note: If you are not an EU citizen , permission of continuous residence of more than 90 days in the Republic of Austria must be submitted.

Important information about tourist visas

A standard tourist visa can be issued for a short-term stay for those traveling for pleasure. Simply provide us with the required documents (passport, color photo, proof of travel insurancetravel insurance). You can do this at one of our locations or send them to us by registered mail. We’ll take care of everything else - from choosing your visa type to returning your passport and visa to you by courier.

Note! As proof of the purpose of your travel, a confirmation to accept a foreign tourist from a travel agency registered with the Federal Agency of Tourism (voucher). This voucher is included in our all-inclusive service package.

The following purposes are also acceptable reasons for traveling with a tourist visa:

  • Short-term business meetings or negotiations
  • Participation in an exhibit, expo, auction or trade fair
  • Seeking medical advice or treatment.

Tourist visas can be issued for single or double entry, with the length of stay per entry not exceeding 30 days. For Austrian citizens, there is the possibility to obtain a multi-entry visa which is valid for travel over a period of 6 months.

A double-entry visa can only be issued when traveling to another country bordering Russia during your trip or if your travel plans require you to return home via Russia. In both cases a confirmation of your travel itinerary must be provided.

Our quality standards

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This is why we strive to constantly develop, in order to provide optimal service and your safety.

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Professional consultation and individualized service

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