Step By Step Towards Your China Visa

Using our services you can easily get your Chinese visa in a few steps.

Collect Documents


Gather all paperwork required for your particular visa type (tourist, business, other) or take advantage of our All-Inclusive service.



asily complete your visa application online. If you’d like extra assistance from us, we can help you fill out your application on site.

Select a Site


Hand over the required visa documents in ne of our offices or make use of our services by mail.
You can pay on site with a debit card (Maestro) or in cash. For the visa-by-mail service, we ask you to pay using a bank transfer.

Give your fingerprints


Schedule your fingerprints collection procedure at our office or on the phone.

Pick up or delivery


Your completed visa is ready for pick up at your selected location. You can also have your visa sent by mail or delivered by our courier service. Please fill out the appropriate form to use these services.

Give Us a Call


Do you have more questions? Find out for free under +43 676 650 70 77 (Hotline 24/7)

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