Translation of documents by a court sworn translator

Translation of documents by a court sworn translator in Austria is an official translation that can be used in various legal and administrative procedures. A court sworn translator has the right to translate official documents that will have legal force before the court, government authorities and other organizations in Austria.

Translations of documents by a sworn translator may be required in the following cases:

- Registering a marriage or divorce;
- Applying for a visa or citizenship;
- Concluding contracts or agreements with foreign companies;
- Registering an inheritance or real estate;
- Filing complaints and lawsuits.

The services of a court sworn translator may be required by legal entities to translate business-related documents such as articles of association, contracts, minutes of boards of directors, accounting reports, etc. This will allow the company to make sure that its documents are correctly translated and recognized as valid in Austria.

We, in our company, can provide professional translation of documents by a sworn court translator into all languages of the world. We work with experienced translators who guarantee accurate and timely translations in accordance with the requirements of Austrian law. We can also help with the execution of all necessary documents and speed up the process of obtaining legally significant translations.

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